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Payroll Software You Can Trust

MegaPay payroll software is a robust, reliable and scalable payroll management system that is configurable to your needs. An award-winning standard payroll management system, MegaPay has the flexibility to accommodate the most demanding and complex payroll requirements.

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Cloud-based SaaS Payroll

Flexible, Configurable, Reliable


MegaPay is a versatile payroll system that has been built to be configurable, robust and adaptable – to changing circumstances, environments, and requirements – no matter the complexity. This flexibility is the reason why MegaPay Corporate Payroll Software is used throughout every major industry from Telecommunication Organisations, Big 4 Accounting Firms, Government Departments, Retail and more, with companies ranging in size from 300 to over 50,000 employees.

    MegaPay Overview

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    Auto Arrears Collection

    Icon Time
    Date Based Calculations

    Digitale Personalakte
    Realtime Calculations

    Excel Quick Launch

    Late Pay Calculator

    Workday Integration

    Features and Functionality


    We don’t build bespoke payroll software. We configure our standard payroll management system meaning one codebase, one system, one version – all clients.

    All of our effort and intellect is concentrated on updating, testing and supporting a single version of MegaPay. This in turn translates to less risk and less cost for updates, allowing for a super stable, robust and versatile payroll solution.

    MegaPay boasts a wide range of features which enable you to fully manage your payroll process in an efficient manner.

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      • Cloud/On-Premises/Outsourced
      • Scalable Payroll
      • Realtime Calculations
      • Fully Configurable
      • UK & Irish Calculation Engines
      • HMRC Recognised




        • Direct ROS Integration
        • GDPR Control Module
        • Workday PECI Certified
        • No Costly Upgrades
        • Powerful Report Writer
        • Active Directory Integration

          Technical Information


          Security is paramount with payroll software, that is why MegaPay integrates with Active Directory.

          Lønnssystem og lønnsoutsourcing

          Designed for all Windows 32 & 64 Bit platforms, based on SQL Server and can be virtualised if required.


          MegaPay’s reporting tool is based on query by example, enabling the user to easily construct their own reports.

          SELF SERVICE
          Access Control

          High level access control, password restrictions and rules, field/screen restrictions, etc.


          Fully integrates with 3rd party systems, including time & attendance, pensions, HR and Sharesave systems.




          MegaPay integrates with Workday to offer full payroll integration via Workday’s PECI Connector allowing HR data to flow seamlessly into Payroll.

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            Self service

            Employee Self Service

            Allows employees to interact with MegaPay, providing online access to payroll details, payslips, P60s, and much more.

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              MegaPay Mobile

              MegaPay Mobile enables employees to access their payslip details via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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                System to System

                Integrate your payroll with any third-party system securely and automatically to a scheduled update time using standard file formats.

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                  The benefits of on cloud payroll

                  The Benefits of On Cloud Payroll


                  Here are some of the main advantages of operating your payroll on-cloud:

                  • Enterprise grade data secruity
                  • No hardware or upgrade concerns
                  • No more payroll and tax year end updates
                  • Reduced upfront financial exposure and CAPEX costs
                  • Easily scalable for your changing payroll environment
                  • And much more...
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                    HR-systemNetwork Segmentation

                    With MegaPay On-Cloud, you will have a dedicated environment.

                    SD Worx Zutrittskontrolle Weitere InfosEncryption

                    Encryption can be difficult for companies to implement. We use AES 256 encryption to protect your data.

                    iconThird-Party Security Testing

                    We hire external security companies to test our cloud environments and software.

                    settingsUpdates Taken Care of

                    With MegaPay On-Cloud, we look after all software and security updates and ensure timely backups.

                    planning Certifications

                    Us: ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus. Microsoft Azure: ISO27001, ISO27017, ISO27018, ISO27701, SOC 1, SOC 2 Type 2 Reports, CSA STAR and PCI-DSS.

                    Security & Flexibility = The Future of Payroll

                    Reduced Risk

                    In 2022, the Irish Data Protection Commission imposed fines in excess of €17 billion. Protecting sensitive data is paramount to businesses avoiding costly data breaches and compliance orders. By moving to MegaPay On-Cloud, you instantly employ enterprise grade data centres through Microsoft Azure, with data stored in Dublin and backed up in Amsterdam. A round-the-clock security operations centre (SOC) constantly monitors the entire cloud infrastructure.   

                    Personal Data Security 

                    For larger corporations, the sheer volume of sensitive data means on-premises software requires round-the-clock monitoring and timely backups to ensure optimal security. With MegaPay On-Cloud, this GDPR responsibility is completely outsourced.

                    Improved Security 

                    The most common way attackers get into networks is through phishing and email-borne threats. The attacks almost always enter through user workstations. When you're hosted in the cloud, all of your workstations are completely segmented.  In the cloud, users aren't sitting on the corporate network where the data lives.

                    Secure access, 24/7 

                    Wherever your team is based, the cloud allows flexibility to work anytime, anywhere. With on-premises software, VPNs or other workarounds need to be configured to enable flexible working. MegaPay On-Cloud is easily deployed for remote working environments without impacting security.   

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                      Book a demo today to see our flexible payroll solutions in action. Whether you are looking for innovative payroll software that you can run on-cloud or seeking extra resilience by outsourcing your payroll, our experts are here to help.

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                      MegaPay Features

                      MegaPay is a highly evolved payroll engine based on a single, super-fast, universal codebase. Every business case, industry exception and time-saving feature is available On-Cloud — without compromise. When MegaPay’s speed is combined with its time-saving feature list, payroll teams get far more done much faster.

                      Every Payroller can tell you about systems that require batch processing or stepped updates. Not so with MegaPay; make a change anywhere on MegaPay and you have updated pay status to the very second.

                      Different firms have different optimal and historical structures, from branch structures and multiple contracting clients, to different production lines. MegaPay’s granular activity-based costing and cost-centre allocation enables firms to maintain a clear picture of costs, pay centres and different paying entities. Finance and accounts can even invoice based on this to-the-minute data.

                      With MegaPay, firms can run multiple off-cycle payrolls before and after a payroll run, meaning early and after-the-fact payments are easy to do.

                      No more need to manually enter lots of data. With MegaPay you can import ad hoc data columns from spreadsheets. If a mistake is made, just roll it back and go again. 

                      We’ve all been there with systems that require multiple steps and paper calculations and notes just to make sure everything is covered. Not so with MegaPay; key in the net and let MegaPay sort the gross out for you.

                      With MegaPay you can right click any field to get an at-a-glance look at its log history. Allowing for a powerful in-flow auditing process.

                      We all know it happens; not only can salary negotiations impinge on the past, but by the time changes make it through to the Payroll Team they can already be in arrears. Our solution: key in the date from which a new salary is effective and let MegaPay calculate the back pay for you and list it as a separate salary component should you wish.

                      Instead of generating separate invoices for disbursements such as insurance payments, MegaPay allows payroll to combine deductions into single payments to providers.

                      MegaPay makes salary frequency changes a cinch. Whether going from weekly to monthly or vice-versa, MegaPay moves everything at once including deductions and audit records. Even more impressive, if an employee shifts between entities, MegaPay detects the change in employer reference and automatically creates all necessary statutory reports for the old and new employer.


                      A Dedicated Support Team


                      MegaPay has gained an enviable reputation as the best value payroll software, not only for its flexibility and robustness, but for the level of support delivered by our dedicated and highly skilled MegaPay Customer Services team.

                      We work hard every day to maintain and build our reputation as the leading corporate payroll software solution, from product development, project delivery, support and maintenance through to go-live and ongoing managed payroll solutions.

                      That is why we are a Trusted Payroll Partner for many of the world’s most recognised brands, who rely on us to deliver an accurate payroll solution for each and every pay day.

                        Getting Started with MegaPay Payroll

                        STEP 1: Launch & discovery

                        An opportunity for us to build an understanding of your current processes and a practical knowledge of your existing technology.

                          STEP 2: Set up & testing

                          We’ll configure the new system to your specific needs, and run parallel pay runs before going live.

                          This will include an opportunity to review the interface and offer feedback.

                            STEP 3: Go live

                            Once live, there will be a period of ‘hyper care’ where support will be on hand, at a moment’s notice, should you have any questions.

                              Payroll Partnership Built On Trust

                              MegaPay has allowed us to be flexible in the movement of employees between weekly and monthly. CSO reporting has been reduced due to standard reports already available on MegaPay. In addition, the ability to re-run the end-of-payroll process allows for amendments to be made in the correct period. Our previous system made this process arduous and time-consuming.
                              Medtronic Plc, Payroll Department

                              Accreditations & Recognitions

                              Certified Plus
                              Workday Access Partner

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